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Why do You Need to Buy Extra Car Rental Insurance?

“Do you know if you at all need to buy insurance at the car rental? If no, then please read this blog thoroughly.”

If you are utterly confused about whether you should buy that extra insurance at the car rental company while you go hire your luxury car, this is a write-up to help you decide on the same.

Whenever we have special occasions or invitations, we tend to hire exotic fleets to make ourselves feel special, to turn heads and gain a lot of attention. Luxury fleets give you a class and status that no designer dress can buy! It is true.

However, renting an Audi or a Ferrari can be a little confusing because you do not know what to opt for and what not to. Then, there are so many rental companies out there that will just give you the wrong suggestion so that they can fetch more money from you later on. Hence, what you need to do is doing your homework well.

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Now getting back to the major dilemma – do you need insurance when you avail a Ferrari for rent in Los Angeles?

  • The first thing which you need to know in this regard is that you can actually skip the damage waiver! Yes, but there are certain conditions such as:

You own a car and already have an insurance that covers rental cars as well. But yes, do not just guess.

Go through the papers of the policy or call your agent and ask if you have a collision and comprehensive coverage on rental cars too. You must also ask if there are some restrictions when it comes to the choice of exotic cars or not.

Additionally, ask if you are covered for the loss of use and diminution of value. Other things which you need to ask to include the rules, risks of renting the car, etc.

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Now if you do not have it covered, then you must pay that extra amount while getting Luxury Cars for Rent in Los Angeles.

  • Secondly, if you are paying with a credit card for the damages made, then you also need to verify a few things from your credit card provider. Make sure that your card offers primary coverage for rental car damage. You must call your credit card provider and ask if you are covered for rental car damage or not. If not, then what you need to do to activate the same. Ask if there is any elimination from the coverage and if the coverage covers rental cars for both personal as well as business usages.
  • However, if you need insurance, then here are the probable reasons for the same.
  • You do not own a car or maybe, you do own one and do not have a collision coverage included in your car insurance policy. There are many policies which do not cover rental cars.
  • Your policy covers rental cars but you are hiring a fleet that is not included in the list.
  • You use your business credit card for a leisure rental and thus the cards cease to provide primary coverage for non-business rentals.
  • You split the damage cost and pay them via two credit cards.
  • You pay using a debit card and thus, no coverage.
  • You have certain points which you are using to make the payment.
  • You want to use your credit card but you have hired the car for a longer period of time.
  • You do not want to risk your car insurance and decide to make the payment on your own.

So, be safe and buy the coverage from the rental counter. It is worth it because in case you get engaged in some accident, it will save you from going bankrupt!

I hope that this blog was informational for you all. For more such blogs, keep following me.

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