Facilities and Cost – Both Go Perfect At Goa Vacation Rentals

Searching for a house in Goa can be difficult and pointless because you don’t get a sure confirmation of the vacation rental in Goa and you are unaware of the fact that whether you would be given the house when you visit Goa or not. It might happen that the house which you rented has already been given to somebody else by that time.
Guide to renting a house in Goa

First of all, you can search several houses in Goa in different online sites and not just one. Collect all the addresses and try to meet the person when you actually visit Goa. You can also try to find such vacation rental in Goa in social media sites. Agents can also be of some help. Try to negotiate with them and research enough beforehand so that they cannot cheat you easily.

After you decide on a house by viewing all the online sites, select the most appropriate one and then meet the owner of the house when you reach Goa. Some of the best places that are attractive as well as cheap are Calangute, Candolim, Baga, etc.

Things to be remembered before renting

• If you are intending to visit Goa during the rainy season, always consider the roof quality, so that you don’t have to suffer from leakage problems. Try to avoid renting a house that this very near to the beach. The salty water of the ocean might destroy the flooring of the house and even the electrical workings.
• Also, always try to rent a house during Septembers. During the peak season, which is during the months of November to February, it is very difficult to get a house because all the houses get booked by then. Vacation rental in Goa becomes a little difficult during this time.
• If you intend to come for shorter span for a time; for example just for 1 month or even less, then just pay on a weekly basis because you won’t be allowed to lease a house then.
• You can be charged high for electricity, always try to use the least amount of electricity as possible. This is generally not a problem in gated places.

Types of properties which can be rented in Goa

Renting villas in Goa for vacation is the best. Try to find the right kind of villa which would suit your budget as well as your comfort. Each and every villa in Goa have their distinguishing features. Some have wooden ceilings, verandas, and terraces while other have terracotta flooring and wide open spaces. The price of a villa gets affected by the place where it is situated. Some of the appropriate vacation rentals in Goa are as follows:

• The luxury villas which have private pools attached to them are mostly facilitated with living room and kitchen, fenced area, garden, sun bed, terrace with a sea view, Wi-Fi, barbecue, house cleaning services, etc. These kinds of properties are quite costly and go up to Rs. 20,000 per night.
• Private houses in Goa generally cost Rs. 8000 per night. These houses mostly come equipped with a living room, kitchen, television, Wi-Fi, DVD, housekeeping service, shared pool, balconies, etc.
• The luxury apartments range more than Rs 5500 per night. These apartments comes with a living room, power backup facility, balconies, shared pool, walk-in closet, etc.

Each and every place in Goa is different. It has its own beauty. Goa is a small state but still there is lot of difference between North Goa and South Goa. North Goa is considered to be ideal for young party lovers, decent hippies. You can enjoy night markets and a perfect night life in North Goa. The flea market in North Goa is famous and every year lots of tourists visit the flea market. Thus, if you want to enjoy these facilities, then rent an apartment in North Goa.

Not only you get to enjoy the light life in North Goa, you can also visit several historical places which are situated there; for example, Bom Jesus Basilica, Francis of Assisi, Se Cathedral, etc. North Goa is closer to the capital and getting an appropriate vacation rental in Goa becomes very easy here.

On the other hand, South Goa is more of serene nature and you can enjoy more of peace and private life in South Goa. Some of the places of interest are; Velim Church, Morgumao Fort, Our Lady of Hope, etc. You can also watch the dolphin programme In South Goa.

Always plan wisely before renting the houses. Look for the facilities which would suit you the most and which come under your budget. To save more money, try to book your flight tickets in advance and avail all the discount offers.

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