Top stylish singers in Punjabi industry

Top Stylish Singers in Punjabi Entertainment Industry

Punjabi’s are the ruling heart of the world in every field including food, culture, and lifestyle or even in the field of fashion. Many singers in the industry are the style icon for youth and people love to copy style.  Let have the look on top Punjabi singers who are beside the charming and fashionable look. With stunning dressing sense the best outfit and fit body, they had become the town-talk.

  1. Gippy GrewalGippy Grewal

Superstar Gippy Grewal is heart-robber of million female fans and inspiration for million male fans. The perfect blend of smart dressing sense and uncommon hairstyle had made him versatile singer even in the Bollywood. Through his popular songs such as “Hello Hello, gangster”, he is considered as a youth fashion icon.  This famous Punjabi singer is blessed with an overall elegant personality.

  1. Miss PoojaMiss Pooja

When we talk about gorgeous female singers of Punjabi industry, the name you cannot skip is Miss Pooja. She has a flawless combination of desi voice and trendy style. Good-looking Miss Pooja not only recorded Punjabi hit songs but also done many super hit Bollywood songs. Miss Pooja is a dream of every boy, her eyes and her smile are just ‘att’ and she is a style icon for many young girls. Every young girl desire to wear an outfit like her and be a Punjaban girl with an adorable look. Read about net worth, income and affairs of miss pooja

  1. Diljit DosanjhDiljit Dosanjh

Superstar and Punjabi singer Diljit Dosanjh have his charisma all over the Punjabi industry whether it is Punjabi singing or the Bollywood industry. With his stunning and heart robber personality, he is famous as the turban trendsetter among the youth. Along with his popular song, he is famous for dashing and elegant dressing sense. He is a style icon as everything suits him from kurta pyjama to the formals. His elegant personality and opposite fashion sense are absolutely adorable.

  1. Parmish VermaParmish Verma

The young and charming Punjabi singer, Parmish Verma is well known for his superb singing acting through his popular songs such as “Gaal nai Kadhni, Shada “. He is very popular among the people for his smart and fashionable look. This versatile Punjabi singer is also followed by the youngster as a style icon for his fashion aura and the fashionable style. With his attractive look and muscular hot body, he is copied by youth for his up to date fashion and style sense. Read about net worth, income and girlfriends of parmish verma here.

  1. Jazzy BJazzy B

The astonishing singer with popular hit Punjabi songs like Mitran de boot, Love the way you dance, Naag is also famous for his elegant fashion sense. Along with lots of tattoos the well-toned body made him the top Punjabi singer with best styling sense. His gaudy personality is a style icon with no boundaries makes him a man who lives his life full of charm and chic. From his hairstyle to the accessories everything he wear is heart grabbing. With his charming personality he had millions of female fan and the style icon for the tons of men.

  1. Babbu Maan Babbu Maan

Begun with super hit collection “Sajjan Rumal De Gaya”, in 1998 Babbu Maan is as yet positioned as on the best Punjabi artist. Every one of his collections got the positive reaction, as collection “Pyaas” was granted as top of the line collection of the year. Babbu Maan is extremely renowned for his live show in the different nation, this clears up he is an overall most loved artist. Alongside his Punjabi vocation, he got the colossal notoriety because of his melody “Challa” in Hindi motion picture “Criminal”. The most enticing variable is the misery in his voice and his delicate nature.

  1. Gurdas MaanGurdas Maan

The incredible artist in Punjabi artist, Gurdas Maan. He gives his best in each tune, as the all the tune with no uncertainty are super hit and his voice quality is emphatically expanding in each new melody. Begun his profession with the hit melody “Dil Da Mamla” and now he is exceptional the Punjabi business with his various hit tunes. He has completed a staggering cooperation with Diljit at coke studio which got immense notoriety. In his entire vocation, he depicts himself as a modest and delicate identity.

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