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Top 5 Toddler Boys Haircuts For Parties

Top 5 Toddler Boys Haircuts For Parties

As your toddler boys continue to grow, you want to make sure that you choose the best hairstyles available for them. Obviously, it’s a reflection of what kind of men they will grow into and what sort of styling since they are going to have. However, among all the different options available in toddler boys haircuts, it is hard to choose something that suits your loved one. In addition, if you are looking forward to a hairstyle that they can wear on special occasions and parties, the challenge is further intensified.

Fret not, however! Here we have listed some of the coolest toddler boy’s hairstyles that you and your little kid will definitely love. And, if you don’t find these enough, you can always refer to Mr Kids haircuts which is a perfect resource to check out when looking for the best and the trending hairstyles around for kids. Let’s check out our list of toddler boys hairstyles for now.

  1. The Mop Top

There are some for whom crazy and long hair is just tailor-made and for them, the Mop Top hairstyle is just a perfect choice. Toddler boys who have pin-straight hair should, however, not think about getting such a hairstyle. The hairdo looks perfect on wavy or fine hair with some natural texture to it. Remember, however, the hairstyle is achieved by tapering it all around the ears and neck and it all grows nice and long up top.

As for the length on top, it’s completely your choice as to what length you would like to give it. Go for a clean cut around your toddler’s ears adding a few longer layers. Keep in mind that the hairstyle should look a little shaggy and, therefore the layers shouldn’t be cut really short. The wispy bangs should be framed above the eyes of your child and you should then blend it as it goes down towards the sides.

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  1. Short & Spiky

Just like shortened texture, short & spiky toddler boy’s hairstyles can be easily cut and maintained. The hairstyle is a perfect choice for young guys with naturally straight and thick hair.

The look is achieved by cutting it short on the back and sides with the help of number 2 clipper while leaving it a bit longer on top using number 3 clipper. You need to blend it all around to create a more symmetric look overall and, therefore, the Clippers should be run throughout on all the sides to ensure that there’s a natural blend everywhere. Based on length, you may need stand-alone clippers to work around the ears and the neck. Nevertheless, scissors can do it too.

Even though the look is natural and you don’t need much of styling but if you want you can use some gel to make it look spikier.

  1. Beach Waves

The hairstyle gives a perfect hairstyle option to boys who don’t want to cut their hair too short but don’t want it too long either. It works perfectly for little boys who have naturally thick waves on their head.

To achieve the look, it should look clean and nice around the ears as well as neck. The length on the sides should be almost an inch but the top should go 2-3 inches long blending nicely with the sides. Perfect blending can be done with the help of scissors and comb and finger technique can be used for measuring the length on top. The hairstyle doesn’t need any layering and works fine without layers.

The hairstyle is just perfect because you can let it loose with some mousse or even spike it up using a strong gel.

  1. Spliced Up Style

Yet another beautiful look for those with straight hair in search of something that can keep it in-between when it comes to length. The look can be made further textured and layered with the help of a razor. Though very similar to long and layered hairstyles, it is actually a bit shorter in length and needs shorter layers to be created.

The haircut needs to cover the tip of ears only and bangs must be spliced almost half an inch apart from eyebrows. What you need to remember while getting the haircut is to have shorter layers on the top which can add some volume to naturally flat hair.

To achieve a perfect style, brush the wet hair in forwarding direction and use a small amount of mousse for defining the layers before you blow dry it.

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  1. Faux Hawk

Now, this is one of the most popular toddler boys haircuts for those inner rock stars. The look is created just like you do with Wispy Dreams but clippers cut it short in length high on top. After getting the cut, you should have a few long locks on top, which should be 2 inches wide all across his head, and the shorter lengths should be perfectly clopped and blended with number 3 or number 4 clipper head. Scissors can be used for cutting down that longer portion with layered cutting technique as it will help achieve some texture.

Styling can be done with some gel as you mold the hair up to achieve a pointy look. You can even let the hair hang free to achieve a perfectly casual rocker look.

So, if you are looking for something really cool for your toddler, pick one of these wonderful toddler boys haircuts and give them a perfect hairdo to flaunt. Each of these looks has something special to it and it works nicely for toddlers.

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