Top 5 Haunted Getways in the World

Haunted houses, shadow places, and the ghost stories are some of the main childhood memories. We are still haunted and get scared of all these stories. As a matter of fact, there are some people who strongly believe that spirits are there but then other denies it. However, we don’t have to get into that detailing. Let’s jump p into the childhood terrifying fantasy and talk about the haunted places around the world. It’s still a scary reality that many of us want to experience without knowing the consequences or truth. This season, I was looking for some fantastic things to do in Morocco when I came to know about the haunted getaways around the world. It reminds me of the stories we used to tell our fellow mischiefs while hiding under the blanket and creating that whole scary environment.

I know many of us to have grown-ups now and half of the group doesn’t even believe in this kind of stories. Well, I have a list of some places that are being called haunted getaways in the world because of the previous experiences. If any of you wants to take up the challenge or get into the thrilling adventure. Here is the list of top places for you.

Top Haunted Places in The World

Not everyone has the courage to step into such places, you don’t know if it’s a myth about them or there is really something to other. The only people who can answer are the visitors. People who have been to this kind of places tell some horrible stories of terror and ghosts. Individuals like me are only interested in the stories. We have some real haunted experiences from the real life, so no one wants more troubles now: D

  1. Akershus Castle, Norway

This castle is associated with the history to be served as a prison and as the other stories, it has some supernatural spirits haunting the visitors now. Yes, the 8 Norwegian traitors were also executed in this castle. Now the castle serves as a museum displaying the history objects from WWII and Nazis era. Black dog, horses and a scariest inhabitant is the most famous for fading in and out. The interesting part is that this castle is beautiful and its surroundings are quite relaxing. I wonder if it is really haunted or it is just another story a kid has told. You can plan a visit to it.

  1. The Island of Dolls – Mexico

The tale of this island is about the farmer of the village who saw a girl drowned and later he finds a doll in the canal that he hanged up the tree as the act of reverence. Well, he has claimed that these spirits kept hunting so, he hanged more dolls around the area to warn them off. This Island is now watched by the farmer’s relative and is one of the greatest tourist sights. Well, plan it on your own risk, if you’re afraid of the stories, don’t bother. They might be just a build-up myth to attract tourists.

  1. Poveglia Island, Italy

Italy is one of the amazing countries but yes it has got a haunted getaway too. Poveglia Island, this island is associated with human cruelty story. The people infected with black plague were assassinated in this island and then it was turned into the asylum which became a torture for more souls. Apparently, the place is now the scariest islands in the world. People have been killed brutally and dead are now haunting the visitors from that time. Although the place is crushing really bad and that’s why it is now a forbidden island but if you really wish to explore the mystery, you will find the guides to take your over there.


  1. The Castle of Good Hope – South Africa

I don’t know why the castles are included in haunted places. As far as I think, they have a beautiful architecture that needs to be preserved for the tourism. Well, according to the history, supernatural activities were observed in 1915. A dong, ringing bells and a grey lady are some of the famous to be named the creatures that scare off people. I think this place is a good sightseeing option, it seems to be historical other than the scary experience.

  1. Ghost Road, Morocco

As I mentioned before that I was looking for best places to go in Morocco but landed up to the haunted history of the places around the world. One of the interesting places is the ghost road in Morocco. However, this is the road that leads to the landscape in El Kelaa De Sraghna, outside the Marrakech. It’s been said that a man with a dog, a lady shouting at her children and some kids stopping the car but they all vanish the moment you get close.

I don’t if I should believe in any of them but there are certain places that I might love to visit just like the castles and the ghost road of course. Let’s see what these ghosts are holding up for the new visitors.

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