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12 Things You Should Know About Car Insurance in Pakistan

Buying a new car may be easy for many elite and middle-class people around the country but bearing the maintenance costs due to accidents and collisions, is not an easy thing to handle. No matter how well we drive and careful we are in terms of our car, the chances of getting into an accident or collision remain at the top. The rough traffic along with lack of rules and highly dense traffic remains a reason for multiple accidents across Pakistan. The underdeveloped country has a weak infrastructure which manipulates the chances of damages being done to the car.

Throughout the years, the only possible solution for being protected from unexpected accidents and thefts is to buy insurance plans. Car insurance is one of the significant ways of being adopted to protect cars from theft and accidents. However, the majority are still unaware of the benefits involved in buying car insurance in Pakistan. The religious factors along with lack of awareness make them deployed from a great service, and a result; an estimate of 34.9 million rupees get lost in thefts and accidents in Pakistan.

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As compared to those who buy car insurance in Pakistan and are aware of the benefits of insurance; they tend to be satisfied while driving their new cars on the roads.  Getting the best car insurance in Pakistan can be daunting as there are hundreds of insurance providers now available in the market, but with Karlo car insurance calculator Pakistan, you can compare car insurance in Pakistan and can find something good for your needs.

Those who are aware of the car insurance plans need to know the things that are excluded in any insurance plans. Not all damages and losses are covered by the insurance plans therefore, it is compulsory to read the terms and policies of any insurance company,

  • The driving vehicle needs a yearly renewal so if any uncertainty happens in the time of expiry date, the insurance company won’t be liable to pay any cost. Therefore, it’s wiser to renew your policy before the expiry date reaches.
  • If the insured person is found driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs or any other intoxicating substance, the insurance company will not cover the cost.
  • The insurance person should hold a valid driving license; otherwise, the company will not pay for any damage or loss.
  • Damages to the engine like oil leakage are usually not included in auto insurance plans, however, some insurance to provide these offers.
  • Violation of car manufacturer’s guidelines would lead you to lose plan facilities.
  • Any damage done to the car due to terror, flood, terror attacks, invasion, foreign enemy action, civil war, mutiny, rebellion, hostilities, radiation are not covered in most of car insurance plans.
  • If due to some reason claim is rejected by the insurer and the person fails to submit a claim to a court within 12 months of the rejection, the insurer will no longer be liable to answer you in any way or the other.

Most of the people tend to ignore the terms and conditions and neither they bother to ask the insurer the insight details of the plan. This is the responsibility of the buyer to look for a decent plan and make sure all of his needs are covered. Asking question to the insurer is a great way to remove any confusion. Other than that insurance calculator is one of the influential reason to compare and analyze decent car insurance in Pakistan; this way, it eradicates the chances of getting trapped into a fake plan and give you a clear picture of your plan.

A majority of people seem to be unaware of the steps which are necessary at the time of the accident. Accidents are ugly but they leave a prodigious side effect on your life and financial position. Follow these steps if you get an accident.

  • Don’t run. Stay in the area of the accident and come out of your vehicle. Running away from the scene will leave a bad sign that it was your mistake.
  • Every life is precious. Make sure everyone is safe and provide immediate assistance to anyone who needs it. Call an ambulance and make sure everyone is alright.
  • Avoid saying sorry. This leaves an impression that you were involved in the accident. Moreover, the crowd may turn against you so avoid apologizing.
  • Try taking public interviews. Record it as it may help you in strengthening your case( you don’t need it all the time).
  • Call your insurer and inform him honestly about the accident. Be careful with your words because if anything makes insurer believe that it was your fault, he may raise concerns.

Car insurance in Pakistan is an ideal way to protect your vehicle from car damages and thefts. Time has arrived when people shouldn’t ignore insurance while risking their precious cars. It’s better to take preventive measures first then to cry for uncertainties.

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