Supplements to add For Daily Routine

Supplements to Add to Your Daily Routine

For as long back as I can remember, I had always been a ‘sickly’ little fellow. My dad had always bullied me into one contact sport after another – in the hopes of ‘making a man out of me’.

And my mother, true to her small town Victorian upbringing, had sided with him loyally in all of his oppressive advances. What’s more, she even conspired to kick me out of the house if I didn’t get my act together. By this, she meant, do all the normal things that a boy my age is normally expected to do in suburban America.

Be on the school baseball team, beat up all the class nerds, date one beauty queen after another, strengthen my aging father’s arms, and be a loud-mouthed wretch with no respect for anyone else but myself.

Because that’s how society expects us growing men to behave, right? Mean to the bone, and totally self-conceited. I recently conducted a web search through my Spectrum Bundles subscription and wasn’t surprised to learn that popular culture completely reinforces this viewpoint.

And the system seems bent on remaining in this regressive state.

Learning to Finally Assert Myself

But no matter.

This blog post is not about my issues with our society’s conception of masculinity or the failings of modern-day feminism. What it is about is how I managed to win back my life – and sanity – from my parent’s household monopoly on all thought and expression. How I discovered my own personal sense of self-respect – and ability to fight back against uncomfortable situations.

A large part of this story, strangely (though not unsurprisingly) enough has to do with three different health supplements. I’ve detailed them below with some brief explanation.

In addition to these over-the-counter (OTC) agents, I also took some help from the gym by building up my musculature. Your physical health, it turns out, is strongly linked with your psychological health. And other than the internal chemical changes that a good state of health brings about, its aesthetic offerings are even more remarkable to consider.

The other thing that greatly aided me in my transition to my current state of strong mental and physical health was meditation. My own meditation regime, which continues to feature in regularly within my life as a constant factor, comes coupled with some intense bouts of yoga.

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Treating My Varied ‘Deficiencies’ with Health Supplements

Right at the outset of this section in the narrative, I’d like to say that by ‘deficiencies’ I don’t mean any serious developmental shortcomings. By my usage of this term, I’m mostly referring to shortages in some key bodily compounds and substances which I didn’t know I suffered from.

I’ll elaborate on this point further in my overview of each health supplement that I’m currently in the process of taking. And which I’d recommend you to start loading up on yourself, in order to better your overall health profile holistically.

But before you do go out to make the purchase, please remember to consult with your general physician first; so as to rule out any possibility of an adverse reaction from occurring.

1) Vitamin B Complex

The B Vitamins Complex is made up of some eight different vitamin compounds. Individually, each of these plays a central role in more than a hundred different body processes. But two of their most important functions have to do with brain health and energy metabolism. All the B vitamins are fat soluble, and so they need to be taken cautiously to prevent any overdoses from accruing.

After I started taking an inexpensive B Vitamins Complex preparation marketed by Trader Joe’s, I experienced a significant increase in my mean body energy levels. In addition, I strongly felt that my hand/shoulder coordination, which had always troubled me greatly, improved noticeably three days after I first started taking the pill.

Generally speaking, we’re supposed to acquire all of our body’s required B vitamins from our diet. But as you may already know, our modern-day diets are woefully deficient in all health compounds – let alone the ones that our bodies desperately need.

2) Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin, and it plays a crucial role in keeping our respiratory (airway) systems in order. In addition, it is a powerful blood antioxidant, and so it protects all our internal tissues from aggressive free radical attacks. Unchecked, free radical (also termed ‘reactive oxygen species’) assaults can cause our bodies to age noticeably.

I absolutely swear by 1g of daily vitamin C to keep clear of such widespread illnesses as the Common Cold and Arthritis – and you should make haste to consume it too.

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3) Vitamin D

Another fat-soluble vitamin compound, vitamin D was originally thought to only play a pivotal role in bone health. But several recent research studies, conducted in the past few years, have also uncovered its importance for brain health.

Ideally, we should acquire the bulk of our everyday vitamin D requirement from the sun. But in many instances, particularly in the case of people living in perpetually cloudy climatic conditions, this is not possible. For this reason, taking vitamin D supplements becomes necessary.

Aiming for a daily dosage of at least 1000 IU is a good idea – supplemented with at least 800 mg of elemental calcium.

I usually like to order my health supplements online through my Spectrum Packages subscription. If you also prefer to make do with this shopping route, do consider checking out some of the great deals available on Amazon. These can save you a lot of money on your monthly budgets.

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