Rig sites benefit from mobility solutions

Rig Sites Benefit From Mobility Solutions

Data capturing in rigs and exploration is hazardous and tricky thus, making sure that the Oil & Gas sector need robust technical solutions. Currently, the field data capture systems feature e-solutions which include direct entries into desktops or mobile devices. Rig sites across US Coasts have adopted flexible options for enterprise mobile solutions. In the process, security challenges cannot be ignored, otherwise, benefits are nullified. Let’s get a hang of the scope of an effective field data capture solution and understand how a secure, special flow system captures overcomes on-site security challenges.

Current scenario of field data capture systems

Field data is a prerequisite of various departments in crude oil companies across the US and for reporting to the government. The information has to be given on time with a high level of accuracy. Its validity is measured with the system used for gathering the information and protection of assets around the rig platform.

There are three methods of gathering the data.

Security of assets around the oil rigs make it crucial for crude oil companies to choose specific methods of gathering data. They need to be identified by their priority which refers to their location and how they can be controlled remotely 24 x 7. This is where mobility solutions are very useful. Depending on the application, suitable solutions are created and these may include a camera scan which is extended to the mobile device. This is just one probable e-solutions. A recommended data flow capture is able to integrate and decode the information even if there is no internet available. In explosive environments, barcodes can be assigned for identification. Any method that is chosen to capture data should be worth analyzing for future use. This is where the scope of mobile solutions proves to be stronger. For instance, the handwritten logs cannot be shared easily in real-time with different groups. This may take days for the operational issues to get resolved and with delays that affect business risks. This is the same concern with excel sheets, even if they are shared with multiple groups to take action. This makes mobile solutions the ideal way to harness the field data capture. Keeping security challenges in mind, they are extremely safe.

Future scope with mobile solutions

Field reporting challenges can be curbed with the right software installed on smart devices. The apps are consistent and offer a responsive field data capture solution. The recommended software is tested for its unique capabilities, designed, and planned to offer geotechnical solutions. In fact, it is the optimum interface for rigs and similar hazardous platforms. Real-time data can be shared and eliminates paper documents which could be a waste of time to analyze during emergencies. Service providers program software and connected apps for efficiencies to prepare oil companies for better data management. Images can be captured and uploaded along with the inputs in real-time.

But hold on, everything is not so hunky dory.

Could there be any errors while using mobile solutions?

Yes. (Surprised). Part of the error lies in the wrong usage of devices by companies and this is a security challenge to handle. The staff working does not know how to use the device or the apps. They may even drop it and damage the device. Often software upgrade is ignored and the apps do not work anymore. This leads to a breakdown in communications too. The answer lies in bringing a system to work offline. An ideal field data capture solution will have the option to download the data and work later. This can cut the errors that occur. It is time for companies to invest in the high-speed internet that allows field data capture to be scaled for various onshore and offshore ops.

There are other areas where inefficiency & negative impact by using outdated methods compromising on security. A dedicated IT department is important to keep the company in business. Many owners understand that the constant evolution of mobile devices and solutions should be used to overcome security challenges.

Tip: Go for a recommended data flow capture with a secure software that offers enterprise mobility for both upstream & downstream services, and related engineering of data in oilfield services. They help in asset management, inventory updates, alert for risks and preventive measures.

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