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These are the reasons for prospective homebuyers to look for apartments in Sarjapur

Sarjapur is one of those many localities in Bangalore which found a new lease of life when the city experienced an upheaval in the real estate scenario a couple of decades back. Lying in the south east of the city, this was one of the neighbourhoods which got off to an earlier start compared to some of the other areas which are now running in full flow as well.

It is a well known fact that people like to buy property in areas that are doing well and the same applied to the various options that were available in Sarjapur. Over time, it became one of the most sought after areas for people to not only reside in but also for huge corporate to set up their offices. What was once a green and serene location has now turned into a sea of brick and mortar that is brimming with life. Mentioned below are some of the reasons why apartments in Sarjapur road have been in high demand and why it seems this demand is here to stay.

Superb connectivity

Whenever a top location is discussed, the connectivity is generally one of the foremost discussed issues regarding any property. No matter how nice a property may be, people tend to lose interest if they realise that travelling everyday from there would be a monumental task. With the number of people and vehicles on the rise, people would rather stay in an area that would help them avoid traffic snarls or long commutes on a regular basis.

Sarjapur not only has very good connectivity with places like Electronic City, Koramangla and Whitefield, it is also in close proximity to these places. It is also located close to the Bangalore City railway station and the Kempegowda bus station. The cherry on top though would probably be its location along the famed Outer Ring Road and this generally makes the area a top choice for most of the prospective home buyers.

Value for money rates

Compared to some of the other localities in Bangalore, the flats in Sarjapur road provide very good value for money as they are available at very competitive rates. There are a range of options for people to choose from. The average rates of properties here are extremely viable when taking into consideration the type of neighbourhood one is going to reside in and the type of amenities that are available to the residents of that neighbourhood.

Top infrastructure

The infrastructure of any locality is one of the main telltale signs which speak volumes about that locality. Any locality with sound social infrastructure is bound to generate a lot of interest in the real estate market and units in these sorts of areas usually sell out soon after they go on sale. After all, who would not like to stay in a neighbourhood which is self sufficient and has all the things that one would require on a daily needs basis.

Apart from the residential apartments in Sarjapur road and corporate addresses, Sarjapur is also home to a number of very good educational institutes, banks, hospitals, malls and a number of restaurants which serve a variety of cuisine. With all the things in place and much more, it is not a surprise that most people end up closing the deal in Sarjapur once they have found a home which matches their needs.


Another thing which stands out about Sarjapur is that it has options for people looking at homes across different budgets. Very often, areas which are doing well, start making properties that are aimed at niche clientele and others end up missing out on a fabulous neighbourhood with so much on offer. The flats in Sarjapur road are priced in such a manner that a greater range of people can get an opportunity to reside here.

Future developments

There is still some time to go before Sarjapur reaches saturation point. Most of the remaining plots are likely to be snapped up sooner rather than later and as this happens, the cost of real estate is also expected to go up at the same time. It is a well known fact that people look at this aspect of investment as well when making the decision to buy a home.

From the above, it can be clearly seen that Sarjapur has all the credentials which have turned it into one of the most sought after neighbourhoods in the city of Bangalore. It seems like this is the best time to go and buy one of the apartments in Sarjapur road before the prices escalate.

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