Important Tips for eCommerce Web Designing

8 Important Tips for eCommerce Web Designing

In today’s fast and frenzied world, shopping online has become the norm. After all, it simplifies the process of buying daily needs as well as satisfy fashion cravings. What has made it popular is the freedom to shop at their convenience, without worrying about closing times of shops. It also promotes the freedom to purchase things from anywhere, anytime. No wonder businesses which have developed an e-commerce website are running more successfully than others.

If your business deals in selling and purchase of consumer products, then it would be wise to have a well-designed, e-commerce website.

Before you plunge into designing the website, here are a few things to take care of:

Easy to navigate

A website which users find difficult to use will lose its customers. Most website designers agree, if navigating the site is not easy, your customers would rather abandon their carts than continue shopping.

Offering Discounts

Discount coupons and schemes such as buy two, get one free greatly aid in attracting and retaining visitors. They also help in keeping customers happy.

Product Details

The e-commerce website so designed by the web design company in Delhi, India should be able to provide a description of all the products in detail. Inadequate information leads to visitors going to some other website and thus incurring losses for your business.

Detailed information will not only compel visitors to hit the buy button but will also make them visit your website every time. Hiring good quality content writers can also help in writing the right description as they have experience of using the right keywords and writing enticing descriptions.

Not Compelling Registrations

A practice which makes e-commerce companies lose companies is to ask visitors to get themselves registered on the website. Not everyone will be making a purchase and thus, for them, getting themselves registered would be a waste of time.

Reputed web design companies when designing e-commerce websites keep them free for browsing so that visitors feel free to go through the website before registering themselves to make a purchase.

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Providing Full Information

Experienced web design companies in India make sure that when designing an e-commerce website, they include all the relevant information for the customers. Lack of information gives a bad impression to visitors and chances are they might hop on to some other website.

It is thus essential to provide complete information about every product so that customers can make their purchase with confidence and come back again.

Lack of Contact Information

This is one of the worst blunders which can be committed when designing an e-commerce website. Not providing the right information keeps customers completely unsure as to whom they are dealing with. On the other hand, if complete information is provided, people know that they are making their purchase from a reliable website. It also helps them know whom to reach out to in case they have any queries when making a purchase.

Improper Website Design

While it is essential to provide visitors with as much information as possible, it needs to be done in an organized manner. This also applies to the way the products are arranged on the website. Arranging both the products and the accompanying information properly on the website makes it more appealing and purchase-worthy to prospective customers.

Buy Button Size

In the process of stuffing everything on the website, many web design companies in India reduce the size of the “BUY” button drastically. This should be avoided because if the visitor is unable to see the buy button immediately, he/she might lose interest and prefer buying from another website. The buy button should not only be adequately sized but should also be placed where it is very easy to see.

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