How to Get Rid of Chest Congestion Overnight

Hi, guys, I hope you guys are doing well. Today I am going to share with you how to get rid of chest congestion overnight home remedies.

Chest congestion is a feeling of heaviness in the chest due to excess secretion of mucus by lungs. Almost every person in this world suffers from chest congestion when there will be a change in weather. It becomes common in winter season or in the rainy season due to change in weather from hot to warm and then to cold. The situation becomes very uncomfortable for the person suffering from chest congestion when he needs to face public and he does not get sufficient oxygen to breathe properly

As such chest congestion is not a serious disease but it may put you in trouble if it is not taken care on time. There can be many reasons for chest congestion such as cold, pollution, cancer in lungs, Asthma and viral infection etc. Most of the people are working these days that do not get time to take care of their health but they don’t know that they can treat chest congestion by using simple home remedies. Here I am going to share a list of best home remedies which you can try at least once while suffering from chest congestion.

Warm Liquid-: Treating chest congestion by sipping more warm liquids such as tea, coffee, and soup etc. Warm liquid helps in removing mucus which further reduces the pressure in the chest. Avoid coffee in case of the kid because it contains caffeine so tea could be the best option for them. Taking warm liquids at least thrice a day is a very helpful home remedy to cure chest congestion fast as it helps to get rid of mucus in lungs fast

Non-Veg Soup-: Chicken soup is a very helpful home remedy for chest congestion especially in winters. Sipping it twice a day gives you best result in your health improvement. But here I will not recommend soup for kids or infants so it’s better to avoid chicken soup or any non-veg soup for kids as they may not have as much digestive power.

Salty Gargle-: Salt gargle is the most traditional home remedy that our elder always suggest to us and it is one of the most simple and widely used remedies in cold, cough and chest congestion etc. Salt gargle helps in curing dry throat pain and kills harmful bacteria which further prevents mucus to collect in one place.

Say no to Fast food-: Unhygienic junk foods are the main reason for most of the illness these days because it consists of lots of unhealthy oil and spices. Taking fast food while suffering from chest congestion increases mucus secretion by sinuses. It is highly advisable that not to have dairy products, foods consist of much sugar and salt, oily and fried food etc in chest congestion. You can include in your diet food options like apple, pineapple, fruits consist of sugar and peeled ginger etc.

Honey-: Honey is the best and natural sweetener which you have ever seen because it has many health benefits. Honey act as an anti-infection, antiviral and antioxidant which further helps in making our immune system stronger. It is proved by scientist that people who take at least one spoon of honey before going to sleep fall less ill.

Note-: It is advisable that not to give honey to infants as they may not have as much digestive power to digest honey with ease.

Steam-: Steam in the chest congestion is always considered as the most relaxing home remedy. Steam can be taken by taking a hot shower or by using Vicks also. Every person knows about Vicks which is easily available at the nearby medical store. Adding a small amount of Vicks into hot water and taking steam from it with head covered by towel or any cloth is a very easy and simple way to take steam but be careful while taking steam and keep the container from which you will be taking steam at a distance as it will be hot and can harm you.

Hot compress-: It is also a very helpful and effective home remedy which give you more relaxation while suffering from chest congestion. Hot compress helps in preventing mucus to collect at one place which further gives you relief and a good sleep.

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