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Housekeeper tips! How to clean effectively, like a pro…

In our overcrowded schedules, finding time is not always easy. And among the thousand and one activities that fill our seamiest, there is one that we would do well: the household. Knowing the good actions and tips of the household pro will save time for sure!

Step 1: Clean the rooms quickly

The bedroom is much more than just a room in the house: we spend hours each night in this cocoon. The order and cleanliness of our room depend in part our sleep, and no question to overlook the hygiene of our den and that of our children. By following a few simple tips, it is possible to keep our rooms clean without spending hours.

1) Open the window: Ventilate the room for 5 minutes a day to renew the oxygen, the indoor air being 5 to 7 times more polluted than the outside air. Stick to this ritual, and make the atmosphere of your room healthy and sleep-friendly.

2) Smart storage:  Coins, jewels and other small accessories quickly give an impression of disorder: plan nice trash for small objects, hooks for jewelry, pots for pencils, etc. Afterward, say goodbye to dust in the blink of an eye with a simple wipe soaked in white vinegar (yes, because this year you’ve also decided to be green).

3) Build on collaboration:  If you are used to cleaning the house solo, now is the time to change it. Why not offer your children a reward for their help with the household, an exit for example? Finally, if they know they are in charge of cleaning their room, they will have much less desire to dirty it!

4) Optimize:  Once a week, clean all the sheets and duvet covers of the house at one time. From time to time, get rid of the dead cells and sweat absorbed in the quilts and especially, in the pillows by running them at the machine at 60 ° C.

5) Make a schedule: Each week, plan a time slot for you and your family dedicated to the household. Make rolls, or decide that each family member is in charge of a particular area or task.

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Step 2: Clean my living room easily

The living room is the living room par excellence, the one where you find your family at the end of the day. In between the school business lying around, the scraps of afternoon tea in front of the TV, and the cat’s hair flying everywhere, the living room can quickly look like a battlefield. But no question of wasting time cleaning it!

1) A facelift for the sofa:  Your leather sofa looks sad? Just clean your leather sofa with a wipe soaked in body milk. Nourished and cleaned, your sofa will be like new. If you want to avoid this step, cover it with a nice piece of cloth, which you will only have to go through.

2) A clean carpet: To clean your carpets, dust nests par excellence, no need to move heaven and earth: a vacuum brushing mode for frequent cleaning is enough. For disinfection, sprinkle with baking soda and leave on for 15 minutes before vacuuming.

3) Are the windows your pet peeve? Say goodbye to the hours spent chasing traces: clean the windows with newspaper. Form a paper ball and soak with hot vinegary water before rubbing. The result will be impeccable!

4) A cleaning kit: in a bucket, place all the products and utensils you need. This trick will clean your living room without running around to find the necessary equipment. Take the opportunity to clean several rooms at once.

5) Rhythm:  Like when you play sports, create a household playlist. From Buena Vista Social Club to David Guetta, everything is good as long as the sound motivates you and boosts your efficiency. And to avoid dwelling on a task, challenge yourself: I have 10 minutes to vacuum.

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Step 3: Clean the kitchen effectively

The kitchen is synonymous with conviviality. What a pleasure to prepare good dishes and take refuge behind the heat of the furnace when the barometer is at the lowest. But there’s nothing dirtier than a kitchen, and the time spent rubbing would almost want to order takeaway every day … And if, again, it was the only question of method?

1) Store as you go:  The best way to avoid spending hours tidying up is to avoid unnecessary mess. Put things back in their place when you use them, and ask your family to do the same. If someone breaks the rule, establish a system of pledges. Finished the plates of the day left on the coffee table.

2) A fridge at the top: The proliferation of bacteria requires regular cleaning of the fridge. But by putting your food in boxes, avoiding run-outs, and sorting out old foods, you’ll save time. When cleaning is necessary, defrost the appliance and clean with warm water, vinegar and a toothbrush for inaccessible areas.

3) Shine the plates: For your glass-ceramic or induction plates, avoid abrasive tools: use a special sponge-scraper. To regain their shine, clean with dishwashing liquid before using a soaked cloth (still him), white vinegar.

4) Less is more: Dilute a few drops of multipurpose cleaner, and use this mixture for the entire kitchen, from the worktop to the floors.

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