8 Historical Places in Rome to Visit

What are the 8 Historical Places in Rome to Visit?

Italy’s capital city, Rome is just perfect for summer and spring breaks as it harbors a lot many places of tourist attraction. It is a vibrant, busy and cosmopolitan city which buzzes with life all the while. If your schedule is tight, you will find it hard to cover all the places of tourist attraction in Rome. You will find here world famous tourist hubs like Coliseum Trevi Fountain to the places that are obscure and quiet like Villa dei Quintili. Rome has too many things to offer to the travelers.

Here you will find the list of top 8 historical places in Rome to visit:

  1. The Colosseo or Coliseum

    Among all the historical monuments in Rome, Coliseum is the most iconic one which is the symbol of the city. Its original name is Flavian Amphitheater. It was built by Emperor Vespasian in the 72AD but got finished only 8 years later by Titus, his son. There was a time when wild beasts and gladiators used to fight and offer barbaric and cruel shows here.

  2. Ostia Antica: the Tourist gem

    When you plan to tour Rome, Ostia Antica does not top the list of places to visit in Rome but it is also the chief tourist attraction. It contains the remains of the ancient port which is quite fascinating and amazing. The extraordinary Roman site comprises the ruins of the port town that used to serve the gateway of Rome. It is half an hour drive from Central Rome bearing all inspiration of Pompeii.

  3. Villa dei Quintili: the most forgotten Roman site

    Villa of the Quintili used to be the lavish home of the most famous road in Rome. In the 151AD, its main part was owned by Quintili brothers. When compared to the other plots and intrigues of Rome, Villa dei Quintili is more serene and is in good condition.

  4. San Clemente: a wonderful and historic Basilica in Rome

    The 12th-century historic Basilica, Sam Clemente is the beautifully frescoed historic site which is the center of attraction for the tourists. When the site was excavated in the middle of 19th century, it was found that it was built in between 4th and 3rd century. Here you will find the ruins of Roman houses.

  5. Roman Forum: the chief focus of civic, political and religious life

    Here you will find everything from triumphal arches, magnificent temples to Senate house, the seat of power. It was the active heart of Republic and Empire for nearly a thousand years. Built in 7th century, it has seen many large and small buildings constructed and destroyed.

  6. The very famous Vatican Museums

    The Vatican Museum houses historical artifacts, impressive works of art that are the best in the world. It was originally used as the papal palace but now serves as galleries. Here you will find extensive arrays of historical pieces.

  7. Catacombs of San Callisto

    Although creepy, Catacombs of San Callisto is fascinating and San Callisto offers the largest of crypt holding half a million bodies. Tourists can have a glimpse of macabre. This is just one of so many catacombs in Rome.

  8. Hadrian’s Villa

    It was the residence of the most famous emperor of Rome. This emperor liked to build villas and walls. It is the best preserved Roman villas.

Apart from the above 8 historical places in Rome, there can be several others.

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