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Cobit 5 Foundation Certification- A Leading Edge IT Business Optimization Tool

An introduction to COBIT 5 (Control Objectives for Information and Related Technologies)

In today’s competitive business world, staying ahead of the peers means getting every business process organized. The best way to do that is to standardize the process, which would ensure strict adherence to the established SOPs (standard operating procedures).

The criticality is even greater when the same applies to the IT-related business processes. Therefore, adopting Cobit 5 certification process is of paramount importance, as the same deals with the establishment of governance and management of IT enterprises, through a strong business framework.

COBIT 5 helps in the enhancement of the value of information by adopting the latest management principles. In other words, COBIT 5 is the leading business optimization and growth roadmap, by virtue of which organizations can get infused with global leadership, proven IT innovation tools, and leaner business processes.

Common challenges faced by IT organizations

  • Organizations find it difficult to maintain the quality of information on the basis of which day to day business decisions could be taken smoothly.
  • Extraction of real-time business value from IT-related investments.
  • Lack of strategic goals and innovative use of IT to its fullest potential.
  • Operational excellence is tough to achieve, due to inefficient use of technology.
  • Lack of risk mitigation ability for IT-related investment.

Targeted Audience for the course

This course is recommended for the following individuals:

  • IT quality professionals
  • IT managers
  • IT-related to audit and compliance teams
  • Operational managers of IT
  • IT top management
  • IT developers and consultants


 Salient features of the foundation certification

COBIT 5 is basically a good practice framework, which was designed by ISACA (Information systems audit and control association).  It was meant to implement “set of controls”, over information technology and re-arrange them in the logical framework of enablers.

The foundation course helps in the detailed understanding of the key drivers needed for successful implementation of the COBIT5 framework.

The foundation program will enable takers to understand the globally acclaimed principles and tools, governing IT enterprises. It is also very important for the targeted audience to understand the methodology of the course content, which is a prerequisite for the advanced level programs.

No IT governance is complete without the framework of COBIT 5, which is also a prerequisite for better project management.

Since technology is the key resource for all enterprise, managing the same though a strong policy framework is crucial for every organization.  Since delivering substantial stakeholder value requires topmost governance and administration, COBIT 5 certification course is the top choice for ambitious organizations. It is also helpful in external regulatory, legal, and contractual compliance requirement of organizations.

The foundation course aims at infusing the basic rationale behind the implementation of COBIT 5 principles and enablers. These principles are generic in nature, which means that they can be used for different organizational size in terms of turnovers.

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The foundation course creates a strong platform for understanding the implementation techniques of the 5 main pillars of the COBIT 5 framework.

The five pillars of COBIT 5 are as follows:

  1. Meeting stakeholder needs
  2. End to end coverage of the enterprise
  3. Applying a single integrated framework
  4. Laying a holistic approach with IT policies
  5. Bifurcating governance and management for better effectiveness

The business orientation of COBIT 5 aims at linking business aspirations with the IT infrastructure, with the help of various maturity models. The foundation course also helps students understand the various performance metrics, which measures achievement in line with the IT processes and responsibilities.

A good technology partner would break the foundation course in several sections, which will be easy for the students to understand.

COBIT has been recognized by many international standards like PRINCE2, ISO 27000, ITIL, and CMMI. It is basically an integrator for IT guidelines, which merges all the probable solutions under one framework umbrella and maintains high-quality information, which is used to support various business decisions.

A correct understanding of the foundation program will enable the professionals to achieve operational excellence in their respective organizations, through optimum and reliable use of technology. It will also ensure that the cost optimization of IT service and technology.

Along with five principles, COBIT5 also has 7 enablers for agile adaptations of advance business logic.

The seven enablers are as follows:

  1. Framework, policies, and principles
  2. Processes
  3. Organizational structures
  4. Business ethics
  5. Information
  6. Service infrastructure
  7. Building employee skill matrices

With the blooming of Big Data, social media, cloud computing, and mobility solutions, an enormous amount of data are generated every second. This raises a complex challenge of governance which demands better addressing of the risk scenarios with an advanced one-stop solution like COBIT 5.

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