Choosing Right Anniversary Flower

Awesome Guide of Choosing Right Anniversary Flower!

Awesome Guide to Choosing Right Anniversary Flower!

Flowers are the best compliments for celebrating any event. But have you ever thought of celebrating each anniversary year with specific flowers? Yes, there are certain flowers which are traditionally identified to remark the anniversary year.

You are making a bouquet for your partner or couple celebrating the anniversary, here is the knowledge of which flower you can take in particular age of anniversary.

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1st Anniversary Flower

1st Anniversary Flower- Red Roses

1st anniversary is the most exciting and thrilling celebration of a couple’s life. Carnation is acknowledged as January’s flower, hence it is considered as the 1st-anniversary flower. Husband and wife are celebrating the happiest moments they spend with each other. It is a youthful, romantic, passionate journey. The couple can identify the same feeling by giving carnations bunch to the spouse. Guests can also appreciate the love between two by gifting them a bunch of red carnations.

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5th Anniversary Flower


Daisies are most commonly used for cherishing 5th wedding anniversary. It is a traditional flower symbolized for love, purity, innocence and faith. After five years of marriage couples are completely addicted to each other. They are turned into best friends more than a husband and wife relation. Daises are also considered as a friend’s flower. Besides this flower recognizes fidelity and forever love, which means they want to be in a relationship for lifetime.

10th Anniversary Flower

10th Anniversary Flower

A decade of marriage must be celebrated with yellow daffodils. They are uniquely stood straight to represent “I am there with you always”. When daffodils flowers bunch come together they looks unique and adorable. It says little memories of our life make our life extraordinary. Yellow is the color of joy and happiness. It simply represents the pleasure couples share in 10 years of marriage life. Daffodils also symbolize the passionate love and trust they discovered through each passing years of marriage life.

15th Anniversary Flower


it is so strongly associated with 15 the wedding anniversary flowers.  As the time passes your relationship become much stronger and faithful. You can strongly say it by giving red roses bouquet. From ages, it is a flower of love, but more than love it represents deep faith and caring nature. Your relationship is mature and your relationship stood strong in ups and downs of life. This shows the eternal bond, intimacy in relationship. Undoubtedly rose is the best flower to say “love is as fresh as was in first anniversary”.

25th Anniversary Flower

25th anniversary flowers

The time has come to recreate the special moments of quarter of a century of togetherness. No other flower then Iris can express the sentiments of bond of 25 years. Iris shows the strong bond between two. It represents strength and futility. It is tall and bright flower that represents we are strong enough to be in relationship. Blushing silver shine on purple marks the silver jubilee ceremony of wedding. It is strongly symbolized as 25th anniversary flower to rewind the sweet moments of faith, promise and everlasting love between two. If you are going to attend the 25th silver jubilee of couple’s life, don’t forget to carry the Iris bouquet with you.


50th Anniversary Flower

50 anniversary flowers

50th anniversary is the golden time for couples to celebrate. Yellow roses are perfect bunch of showing their deep respect for each other. Yellow roses strongly define the mutual understanding, trustmanship, promise and faith between two. It is the celebration to rejoice timeless love, support and remembrance. Couples have the time to disclose secret of successful years of marriage life. it shows how one addicted to other and how one become the part of life. You can dedicate this flower to spouse to say “not just for half of the life, I want to embrace you till last breath of my life”.

No one can stop you sending best wishes, send flowers for anniversary and enjoy the pleasure of giving.

Anniversary comes once in a year, and it brings back lots of memories attached to each year. As each year passes the couple’s relations become strong enough. They come to know each other and they found profound love in each other. But you have to express it through specific flower. Here are the certain anniversary flowers given to specific anniversary year.

The reason behind this article is to express your feelings in right way. A suitable anniversary flower bouquet will help you to step back and unlock the memories of accomplishment each year.

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