Taxi Trends

Explore The Top 3 Future Trends of Taxi Industry

If there is an industry which has undergone significant transformation, then it is the Taxi industry. This past decade has seen some path-breaking changes in this Industry. With the advent of On-Demand Taxi Services such as Uber, Ola, and Lyft, the dynamics of Taxi industries have totally changed. Moreover, the impact is of such an […]

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Rig sites benefit from mobility solutions

Rig Sites Benefit From Mobility Solutions

Data capturing in rigs and exploration is hazardous and tricky thus, making sure that the Oil & Gas sector need robust technical solutions. Currently, the field data capture systems feature e-solutions which include direct entries into desktops or mobile devices. Rig sites across US Coasts have adopted flexible options for enterprise mobile solutions. In the […]

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Car selling image

A Basic Guide To Help You Sell Your Car For Cash

Selling and buying of used cars is a very common practice among people. Yet, it is not easy to find a reasonable seller or buyer. If you have a car that you want to sell, you would have already asked your friends and colleagues to sell my car as soon as possible. There are many […]

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