Birthday cake ideas for kids

Top 7 Yummy Birthday Cake Ideas for Kids

Top 7 Yummy Birthday Cake Ideas for Kids

The cake is a heart of a kid’s birthday celebration. Cake decoration plays an important role in making the birthday celebration one-of-a-kind ceremony.

Toddler to teenage each one has fancy heroes in their mind. You can appreciate their dreamy world by personalizing cake with their favorite characters. Some love ice crème, candies then anything.

Every kid has a different taste and mood and you can appreciate it with birthday cake delivery. You have to read their mind and adorn a cake table as per their choice.

When they grow up they will understand how they are paid attention to their likes and dislikes. You are on the way to get some ideas, please check it right down here.

1) Harry Potter Themed Cake

Harry Potter Themed Cake for kids birthday

You are making a harry potter themed party; a cake must be customized with the theme. Harry Potter is truly a great character explored the world of wizard, dragon, and magic. You can pour the same magic into the party by adding harry potter themed cake in the party. Hogwarts students will feel happy inside watching the antique look of cake showing stake of books layered with fondant. A multicolor edible print and gives this cake a fantastic finished look. A hand-painted fondant laden with charm and sweetness.

2) Legos Cake

Lego Cake ideas for kids birthday

legos are the favorite cartoon character of kid. If your toddler is a legos fan, you have to have a legos cake into his/her first birthday celebration. Interesting lego theme is supremely carved through various colorful blocks. The signature cake is then decorated with various toppings and colored circles. You want to add extra color, color the base with various fondant sheet.

3) Smash Cake

Smash Cake idea for kids

Smash cake has a very delicate structure which then later on cracked by a toddler. Your toddler can easily smash it and eat it afterward. Smash cake can be designed in various figures like round shape, the square shape or layered cakes. The buttery cake is smoothed with whipped crème. Melted colored candies syrup dropping from the edges gives it a flaunting look.

4) Rainbow Cake

Rainbow cake ideas for toddler's birthday

It is a satisfying cake for toddlers. You can have two layers or three layer rainbow cake to satisfy her cravings for colorful dessert. A sponge cake inside is topped with butter crème and cheese crème. Food color is added to each top to make an interesting rainbow design on the cake. “wooow cake is a kid-pleaser for making a celebration delighting and most happening.

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5) Candy Cake

Candy birthday cake ideas for kids

It doubles the joy of candy-loving toddler. You can hide candy inside the cake or stick it outside the cake. The fun part is the kid has to explore the candies hidden inside. Kid gets all the fun of smashing cake and eating hidden candies inside. A cute and delighting treat is a good choice to serve in toddler’s first-year birthday celebration.

6) Ice Cream Cake

Ice Cream Birthday Cake Ideas for Kids

Ice crème cake is a new trend in celebrating ideas to make event extra special, especially for kid’s birthday. An ice-crème cake is not easily available in so many bake shops.  You can easily make this cake at home by learning the recipe of ice-crème cake. It’s not very hard you get flavorsome ice-crème from outside and decorate it on sponge cake. You can make flavorsome ice crème cake on your own to serve ice-crème loving kid.

7) Fresh Fruit Cake

Fresh Fruit Cake for kids

You want to get the no-bake cake; fresh fruit cake is a good thought. Get the citrus flavor inside the cake loaded with crème cheese. Get the baking sheet load it with whipped crème and buttery cheese crème topped with juicy and pulpy cut fruit slices. You can make it yourself by making orange syrup or pineapple syrup crush. Get some fruit jello shots to add the extra fun of color. There are endless choices of using fruits in a cake. It takes all of your interest how you use fruits in a cake.

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Here are some interesting flavors of cake to make your toddler’s birthday celebration a pleasant journey. There are plenty of choices and designs available in customized cakes. Once you have decided on a theme, you are on the go to order theme cake. Many online shops provide you with great cakes at reasonable rates. So you can enjoy taking it as a favor for your kid’s first birthday celebration.

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